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2005 Proposed Capital Budget Letter
Release Date: March 01, 2005



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      PAUL J. FEINER                                                                                                                                                                   





February 28, 2005                                                                                                                  

To the Town Board and Residents of the

Town of Greenburgh, New York:


I herewith submit for your consideration the Town's Recommended Capital Budget for 2005 in the amount of $3,045,000 and the anticipated capital plan for the years 2006 and 2007. 


The format reflects the adopted capital budgets for three prior years, 2002 through 2004.  This history is useful for reviewing long-range planning in replacement of vehicles and machinery, and in ongoing maintenance projects.


The emphasis of this recommended capital budget is again on infrastructure rehabilitation and management. The budget should be reviewed in the context of the total operational and financial management of the Town, which has emphasized long-range planning of facilities maintenance and major vehicle replacements. 


Highlights of the 2005 Recommended Capital Budget


·        I have included funding for Phase I of the East Rumbrook Park Master Plan. This project will address deterioration that has occurred over many years at this park. The work will also commence the beginning of major improvements to the facilities.

·        I have included funding to purchase a 40 passenger bus for the Community Center.

·        I have included funding for renovations and repairs of the pools and restrooms at AnthonyF.VeteranPark.

·        I have included funding for establishing a dog park.



·        I have not included the Library renovation/expansion in my 2005 Recommended Capital Budget. This project will be decided by the voters. If approved, the capital budget will be increased by $19,800,000.

            These projects are further detailed later in this letter.  


I am trying to keep taxes as low as possible. If the proposed $19.8 million Library renovation/expansion is approved, it would result in a property tax increase of approximately 3.7% over any additional taxes that will be required for Town Unincorporated property owners. I recognize that some people are struggling with their total property taxes increases for County, School, Town, and fire protection. As a result, additional scrutiny has to be placed on all requested projects and not every project is being recommended immediately. I have worked with Town Departments in scaling down their original capital requests and below are summaries of all of the recommended projects for 2005:


Central Services


Backup Server – $26,500- The Town’s computer servers operate programs for payroll time reporting, property assessment, geographical information system (GIS), e-mail, and other software that are critical to providing Town services.  This server will allow spreading of operating software and the necessary redundancy to shift software to another server, without the loss of service to the users. The backup server will also allow server maintenance to be conducted during normal business times. The project covers all equipment and installation costs.


Building Department


Four-Door Sedan- $19,500– This project will provide funding for the purchase of a sedan with a two-way communication radio for building inspection services.  It will replace a 1990 sedan.




Community Development


Ashford Avenue/Ardsley Road and Sprain Road Re-Design - $50,000– Preliminary analysis has shown that the northbound and southbound approaches to this intersection, which are under “stop” control, currently experience very long delays and unacceptable service levels. However, the steep downgrade on the Ardsley Roadapproach poses a problem with visibility and the ability of vehicles to stop at a red signal, especially under inclement weather conditions. A study and analysis of engineering alternatives is needed to address the safety issues at this intersection.


Community Center


Bus - $95,000– This project is for the purchase of a 40 passenger commercial bus. The TheodoreD.YoungCommunity Centerprovides services and activities to youth, seniors and all ages in between. Many of the programs are at locations outside of Greenburgh and require transportation. Currently the Community Center is without a bus due the previous bus having been taken out of service for safety and maintenance cost reasons. This bus will enhance the program for seniors during the school year and accommodate activities for weekends and youth summer camps.    


Pool Roof Replacement – $49,000- The existing pool roof has never been replaced since the facility was constructed in 1982. The roof has been patched and repaired on numerous occasions. However, the roof leaks over the pool, in adjacent offices, and is a safety concern. The roof replacement and sealant is expected to last thirty years.


Stages and Stairs - $9,000– The programs at the Community Center include performances by various groups within the community; schools, churches, etc. The current staging system is makeshift three inch platforms from the Town’s showmobile. The configuration does not provide optimal viewing for theatrical or musical performances.


Parks and Recreation


Sport Utility Vehicle - $22,000– This project will replace the current vehicle being used by the Park Superintendent which is a 2000 and has over 110,000 miles.


Tractor with Snow Blower - $18,500– This item will be used to remove snow on Town owned sidewalks and walkways. During warm weather it will be used for ball field and light park maintenance.


Para-Transit Van with Wheelchair Lift - $40,000– This is a one wheelchair and six ambulatory minibus. This will replace a 1999 van that has over 99,000 miles. 


Park Upgrade and Modernization - $534,000– This project is implementation of Phase I of the East Rumbrook Park Master Plan. The existing facilities have been developed over a landfill site used by the Town for construction debris and leaf composting. The park consists of two lighted tennis courts, four lighted platform tennis courts, a lighted regulation size basketball court with four additional side backboards for half-court play, a lighted junior-sized baseball/softball field, a lighted baseball field, main support building with office, restrooms and fitness room, press box/meeting room for baseball field, storage buildings, park amenities and ample parking. There is also a nature trail that runs through the woods in the preserve section of the park. The increasing demand for park use in the Town of Greenburghand the deterioration of some of the existing park facilities has created a need to rehabilitate existing facilities while maximizing use of the available space within the park. In addition, standards and guidelines for facility safety and accessibility have changed since the park was constructed. This phase will involve junior baseball/softball field improvements, and other miscellaneous improvements. The total estimate for all three phases is $1,761,400.    


Pool Repairs - $30,000– This is the first phase of repairs to the pools at AnthonyF.VeteranPark.  The pools were built in the 1970 and were last renovated in the early 1990’s. Portions of the fiberglass lining have leaks and the work is needed to keep the pools operational.


Repair of Restrooms - $40,000– This is first phase of repairs to the restrooms at AnthonyF.VeteranPark.  This project will involve retiling of shower walls and floors, tiling of the floors, installation of new plastic wall partitions, and plumbing improvements at the west end restrooms.



DogPark- $24,000– This project will involve preparation of a site for dogs to exercise and play unleashed in a fenced area.


Police Department


Police Cars – Unmarked - $145,000– This project provides funding for the purchase of six unmarked police cars.  This purchase is in-line with the replacement schedule that the Police Department has employed for the last ten years.  It ensures that the primary vehicles used by police personnel are safe when responding to calls for assistance. This project has already been approved by the Town Board.


Ambulance - $92,000– This project provides funding for the purchase of an ambulance for the Town’s Basic Life Support Program. The vehicle being replaced is a 1997 and has accumulated more than 153,000 miles. This project has already been approved by the Town Board.


Sport Utility Vehicles - $60,500– These two projects provide funding for purchasing two vehicles. One vehicle will be used as a fly car by the Advanced Life Support (ALS) department.  The vehicle being replaced is a 2003 that will have over 90,000 miles at the time of its replacement. The older vehicle will be utilized as a backup unit when the first line is out of service. The second vehicle being purchased will be used as a fly car by the Police Paramedics and will replace a 2000 that has over 130,000 miles. These projects have already been approved by the Town Board.


Equipment for Police Vehicles - $8,500– This project will fund the purchase of light bars, protective barriers, command cabinet and shotgun racks for the new police cars. This project has already been approved by the Town Board.


Animal Control Vans - $42,000– This project will fund the purchase of two animal control vans. These vehicles are used by the animal control officers to transport captured domestic and certain wild animals. The vehicles being replaced are both 2002 have about 65,000 miles each. However, it is not feasible to wait another year to replace these vehicles. This project has already been approved by the Town Board.

Mobile Communications/Command Vehicle - $39,500– This project will provide additional funding to complete the outfitting of the Command/Communications vehicle as originally intended. When the vehicle was actually designed, it was determined that original cost estimate was insufficient to fund the purchase of the vehicle and its associated equipment items.        


Mobile Workstation Replacement - $79,950– This project will replace nine of the mobile computer workstations. The current workstations are not fast enough to effectively manage the transmission of various types of data, such as digitized photos. The new workstations will accommodate this need and facilitate mobile report writing.  


Portable Radio Procurement - $58,750– This project will purchase an additional twenty portable radios for the department. These radios are used by police officers, paramedic personnel and members of the auxiliary police. Presently, the department does not possess an adequate number of portable radios to ensure that all police officers and emergency service providers could communicate in the event of a major disaster or emergency.     


Mobile Data Browser Software - $91,800– This software supports the two-way communication between the mobile units and the department’s server. This software is essential in order to use more of the functionality of the Mobile Workstations. In particular, the receipt and transmission of digital photos and mobile report writing for the State Incident and Accident report forms.  


Public Works


Vehicles and Machinery– Purchase of the following items will be funded as part of the Department’s vehicle replacement program:

(2) 31 Cubic Yard Refuse Trucks - $360,000

(1) Line Painting Truck - Traffic Department - $290,000

(1) Wheel Loader with Attachments - $93,000

(1) Pavement Reclaimer (Hot Box) – Traffic Department - $39,000



Portable Electric Generator – $2,000– This will fund the replacement of one of the department’s generators that is used for running electrically operated tools in the field and are used extensively. The current generator is nine years old.


Wheel Balancer – $2,500– This project will fund replacement of a wheel balancer that is used by the Equipment Repair Bureau for light duty trucks and automobiles. The current wheel balancer is over twenty years old. 


Road Resurfacing - $300,000– This project will fund resurfacing work as part of an on-going maintenance program.  It is funded at the same level as in 2004.


Sidewalk Rehabilitation - $180,000- This project will fund sidewalk rehabilitation work as part of an on-going maintenance program.  It is funded at $5,000 more than in 2004.


Replacement of Hot Water Heaters - $22,500– This project will fund the replacement of three hot water heaters at AnthonyF.VeteranPark. These hot water heaters will be for the bathrooms.


Ceiling Fans- $13,000– This project is for the installation of ceiling fans at the Equipment Repair Bureau. The fans will help to reduce heating costs by forcing the warm air down to the working area from the ceiling. It will also keep the working area cooler in the summer.


Wiring for Emergency Circuit (Doors) - $8,000– This project is to wire the overhead doors at Equipment Repair Bureau into the emergency generator so that in the event of a power failure these doors can be opened. Currently the doors must be manually cranked up and down in the event of a power failure.


Union Child Day Care/ATS - $150,000– This project is to complete the replacement of the air conditioning and heating units at the Union Child Day Care Center and Alcohol and Tobacco Services Building (ATS). The air conditioning and heating units are outdated for the building and do not have the capacity to heat and cool to an acceptable level.   



CCTV System – Town Hall - $9,500– This project is to install closed circuit television cameras in Town Hall for security.


Library Renovation/Expansion


Renovation/Expansion - $19,800,000– As I indicated previously because a referendum will be held before the end of 2005 which will allow the voters of Unincorporated Greenburgh to decide on whether a debt issue of $19,800,000 will be authorized to fund this proposed project, I have not included it in my 2005 Recommended Capital Budget.  This proposed project will make major improvements to the Library and almost double the size of the existing facility.


The Town’s capital program continues to plan responsibly for the future, always mindful of the fiscal impact to Greenburgh residents.  I believe that this proposed budget addresses the basic infrastructure needs of the Town, and when economic conditions improve, we can be more generous with departmental budget requests.




Paul J. Feiner


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