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Release Date: April 25, 2016

              The Greenburgh Consolidated Water District announces renovations to our Juniper Hill/Greenville Water Storage Tank, off Juniper Road in Edgemont.  This water storage tank is temporarily being taken out of service for maintenance, painting and improvements. To minimize possible pressure disruptions, the work is divided into two phases.  The first phase involves painting and interior maintenance work, and is now underway.  It is anticipated the tank will be back in service before the end of May when water demand needs increase.  The second phase should begin towards the end of September as the summer water demands lessen, at which time the exterior of the tank will be painted.
Other water tanks operated by the District will continue to provide storage and pressure needs, and the District will operate additional water pumps whenever possible to maintain pressures in critical areas of our system.  We do not anticipate any customers to have any significant service impacts during this work, though some residents may notice slight decreases in water pressure during peak morning demand periods.  The work schedules are being planned to provide optimal conditions for both the needed rehabilitation work and to minimize impacts to our customers.
At this time, we ask all residents within the Greenville/Fairview areas to voluntarily conserve water whenever possible.  Water conservation during this work period helps reduce demands on our system, lessening the chance for any potential negative impacts on the water system.
The most effective means customers have to help reduce / conserve water demand is through better managing lawn irrigation / watering.  Lawn watering creates the greatest daily demands to the water system.
Below are some helpful tips on lawn irrigation to lessen demands:
Make sure your sprinkler system's timer/controller is operating correctly, as you've programmed it, so that it operates on the right days, at the right times, for the right durations. A variety of factors can result in a malfunctioning sprinkler system, including lightning strikes and failing timer batteries. Many homeowners don't realize their sprinkler systems are malfunctioning because the systems are programmed to operate overnight or very early in the morning and they never observe them operating. 
Here are some helpful tips:
•           Water for just 30-45 minutes per session (½ inch to ¾ inch of water per zone)
•           Water only every few days, most lawns only need 1” of water per week!
•           Adjust the timer/controller on automatic sprinklers according to seasonal water                       
             demands and weather conditions.
•           Turn off sprinklers when it's raining or install a rain shut-off device.
•           Avoid watering on windy days.
•           Adjust sprinklers so they water the lawn, not the pavement.
•           Avoid sprinklers that spray a fine mist, which increases evaporation.
•           Make sure plants are not blocking sprinklers.
•           Irrigation systems should be zoned so plants with different water needs are irrigated              
             separately (grass, for example, should be watered separately from shrubs and flowers).
•           Drip irrigation systems (which use less water than sprinklers) are recommended for            
             trees, shrubs and flowers.
The Greenburgh Consolidated Water District thanks you for your understanding and cooperation during this time of capital improvement to our system.  Any actions you can take with regards to lawn irrigation conservation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above mentioned project. Please call the Water Department,

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