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Release Date: June 06, 2016

The Greenburgh Town Board authorized the Commissioner of Parks to issue a Request for proposals for the development of a privately run, operated and maintained indoor tennis program at East Rumbrook Park located off of Dobbs Ferry Road, near the Sprain Parkway. Only 2 courts would be leased out. A small bubble (similar to the Elmwood bubble) would be installed. And the town would generate some income from the lease.  Since only two courts will be converted to indoor tennis very little traffic will be generated.  We have been approached by some operators of indoor tennis. They are very interested in submitting bids.

The RFP is posted below.

We have a terrific recreation program that serves our residents. And hope to make our recreation program even better.








The Town of Greenburgh Department of Parks & Recreation (“Parks”) requests proposals for the development, operation, maintenance, management and lease of two (2) bubbled tennis courts at East Rumbrook Park, East Rumbrook Park Road, Hartsdale, NY just off of Dobbs Ferry Road next to the Sprain Brook Parkway. The bubbled tennis courts shall be in the boundaries of the leased area described in the attachment labeled Preliminary Leased Agreement Map Prepared for the Town of Greenburgh (exhibit A). Currently at the site there are two lighted tennis courts in the park. Parks is seeking a lease to construct: operate, maintain and manage a bubbled facility to operate from October 1through May 1. Parks is seeking proposals from applicants who can demonstrate experience in the operation of an indoor tennis facility to operate this facility at the highest standards for a fifteen (15) year lease term or less. In addition, Parks will look favorably upon proposals that incorporate community programming, youth outreach and programs for people with disabilities.

Proposal Contacts

The Parks & Recreation contacts for this project are Janet Lefkowitz, Tennis Director and Gerard J. Byrne, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. All questions with regard to this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) or other project inquiries should be directed to their attention at (914) 693-8985 ext. 108 or 112. They may also be reached by fax at (914) 693-8938 or by e-mail at heroJL1@aol.com or gbyrne@greenburghny.com.

Request for Proposals Timetable

The following schedule has been established for this Request for Proposals. This schedule is subject to change as circumstances warrant.

RFP Release Date: June 1, 2016

Proposals Due: Thursday, June 30, 2016 @ 3:00 PM

Note: If you have a disability which would prevent you from delivering your proposal to Greenburgh Parks and Recreation and/or attending the proposer meeting & site tour, please contact one of the proposal contacts at least 48 hours prior to the due date and/or meeting date so that special arrangements can be made to accommodate you.


Parks seeks a bubbled tennis facility on the East Rumbrook Park tennis courts, which will be designed, built, maintained and operated to the highest standards. There are two (2) lighted tennis courts on site. The selected leasee will be required to develop a bubbled tennis facility to state-of-the-art standards for use in the indoor season.


Parks is seeking a leasee to:

?? Bubble tennis courts; applicant is restricted to using the existing two courts and is to provide drainage and other infrastructure improvements around the indoor tennis courts proposed.

?? Operate, maintain, manage and lease the indoor tennis facility from October 1 to May 1, including supplying all machinery, property, equipment, maintenance supplies, and staff.

?? Cover all expenses for any utility study and any utility improvements needed for this project and its eventual usage.

?? Provide access for youth programming and tennis for people with disabilities.

?? Provide a timetable for development and completion of the proposed facility.

?? Provide a fifteen-year projection of income and expense unless proposing a shorter term lease. This should include a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement and statement of assumptions.

?? The Town is willing to negotiate the leasee to conduct instructional program when not open to the public for general tennis play on site during the summer months for an additional fee.

The aim of Parks is to provide indoor tennis from October to May. Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate an ability to construct, operate, maintain and manage an indoor tennis facility. The successful applicant will be required to provide a construction security deposit, in an amount and format approved by Parks, upon signing the lease agreement, to ensure that capital work will be completed. All capital work should be completed in such a manner as to create a minimum amount of interference with tennis court availability to the public.

The leasee may be permitted to store the bubble/s on-site during the outdoor season, subject to Parks’ approval of the location of such storage. It should be understood that all startup and close down activities, including but not limited to the assembly and disassembly of the bubble and ancillary equipment, must be undertaken by the leasee no sooner, and completed no later than the dates stated above, which define the indoor tennis season. During the indoor tennis season, the leasee will be responsible for all necessary improvements to the courts and for all repairs and maintenance to the leased premises.

The leasee will also be responsible for cleaning the entire area surrounding the tennis courts and removing all trash and rubbish generated by the facility and storing at the appropriate on site receptacles. Therefore, applicants should include a detailed maintenance and cleaning schedule in their proposals.

The sale or display or placement of tobacco advertising and/or advertising of alcoholic beverages shall be prohibited. Any type of advertising which is false or misleading, which promotes unlawful or illegal goods, services or activities, or which is otherwise unlawful, obscene or inappropriate as determined by Parks, including but not limited to advertising that constitutes the public display of offensive sexual material shall also be prohibited. Any such prohibited material displayed or placed shall be immediately removed by the leasee upon notice from Parks.


The term for this concession will be FIFTEEN (15) YEARS or less. This lease will be operated pursuant to a lease agreement.


Parks anticipates a substantial investment from the applicant. Parks anticipates that the investment for this tennis concession will include, but not be limited to, the following:


The leasee must pay for all improvements. Applicant should note that Parks will weigh capital investment and design heavily in its evaluation process. In their submissions, applicants must describe all intended capital work and provide cost estimates, preliminary drawings, and a timetable for proposed capital work.

Tennis Rates

All fee increases are subject to Parks’ approval. The proposal should include a schedule of rates to be charged for hourly court times. The schedule should indicate what discount will be offered to residents of the unincorporated area of Greenburgh. The leasee will be allowed, and even encouraged to charge lower fees and/or to offer seasonal rates, special rates for walk-ins when courts are available, lower rates for senior citizens/youths, free court time to program members, etc. as it sees fit. Parks must approve all fees, prices, and hours of operation.

Requirements During The Term of The Lease

1. The successful applicant will be responsible for obtaining any and all necessary approvals, permits and leases for the construction and lawful operation of this concession.

2. A security deposit of at least 25% of the highest year’s guaranteed minimum lease fee will be required for the duration of the term. This security deposit will be due upon signing.

3. The leasee will be required to carry at least $3,000,000 in general liability insurance coverage and $1,000,000 in property damage liability insurance coverage, and replacement value in fire and casualty coverage. The Town of Greenburgh shall be named as Additional Insured and subject for general liability coverage to increase based on inflation for future years.

4. The leasee will be obligated to supply all equipment necessary for the operation of this concession. All fixed equipment becomes the property of Parks upon installation, at Parks’ option. Should Park choose not to exercise this option, it will be the responsibility of the leasee to remove fixed equipment and return the leased premises to Parks in a condition as good as or better than that at the commencement of the lease term.

5. The leasee will be responsible for any and all utility costs connected with the operation of this concession during the term of lease. The leasee will be responsible for installing and/or upgrading all necessary utilities, service lines, conduits, water meters, pipes, electric cables, fiber optics etc. The leasee will be required to remove any unsuitable existing materials as required. The leasee will be responsible for removal and disposal of any unacceptable subsurface waste materials, if encountered during the progress of the work.

6. The leasee may not cut down or remove any trees or shrubs on the permitted premises without prior written approval from Parks. Any attachments to the trees, such as lights, will not be permitted.

7. The leasee will be required to submit monthly statements of gross receipts from all categories of income in a format approved by Parks. At the end of each operating year, the leasee will be required to submit a detailed audited income and expense statement for the past year’s operation.

8. All fees, prices, and any subsequent increases must be approved in advance by Parks. Hours and days of operation must also be approved in advance by Parks.

9. The leasee at its sole cost and expense and to the satisfaction of the Commissioner, must put, keep, repair and preserve in good order the Leased Premises.



5. Applicants should submit drawings showing the proposed layout and appearance of the facility and the leased site.

6. Parks is charged with improving customer satisfaction with the services provided at facilities on parkland. Therefore, Parks would like applicants to explain in their submissions the mechanisms they would use to measure customer satisfaction with the services offered by the lease at the leased premises. Such mechanisms might include customer evaluations or survey forms. Further, Parks would like applicants to explain how they would improve the quality of services offered if the above mechanisms indicate a need to do so.

D. Evaluation and Selection Procedures

Proposals will be evaluated by a selection committee, based on the criteria listed below. The Town Board grants final approval for awarding the lease agreement. The selection committee and the Greenburgh Department of Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will be making recommendations to the Town Board.

1. Proposal Evaluation Criteria

In evaluating proposals, Parks & Recreation will use the following criteria:

?? Fee offer and discounts to residents.

?? Capital Improvements: designs submitted, proposed capital investment, and the ability to proceed in an expedited manner.

?? Operating experience in the field and experience operating an indoor and/or outdoor tennis facility or other recreational facility.

?? Customer Service.

?? Financial capability.

2. Evaluation Procedures

Parks will only consider proposals that meet satisfactory levels of the above criteria. The Town is not required to accept the proposal that includes the highest fee offer. Parks’ acceptance of a proposal does not imply that every element of that proposal has been accepted.

Parks cannot consider any proposal that does not comply with the Submission Requirements’ section of this RFP. Proposals that do not meet these requirements will not be evaluated.

When feasible, employees of Parks and the Town of Greenburgh will visit facilities operated by applicants.

E. Other General RFP Requirements and Conditions

Parks reserves the right to postpone or cancel this RFP or reject all proposals if in its judgment it deems it to be in the best interest of the Town of Greenburgh to do so.

Applicants are advised that Parks has the option of selecting the applicant without conducting negotiations. Therefore, applicants should submit their best proposals initially, since negotiations may not take place.

Parks shall not be liable for any costs incurred by applicants in the preparation of proposals or for any work performed in connection therein.

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