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Solar at town hall...video: health care advisory committee...meeting tonight transplant support org
Release Date: November 16, 2016

The Town of Greenburgh installed a 68 kW solar energy system on its Town Hall.  This was thanks to a grant from the Department of Energy.  The project was managed by ECG Engineering, and installed by SunBlue Energy.  This was the Town Hall’s second solar photovoltaic installation, and one of its many environmentally and fiscally responsible upgrades.  The first solar array was a 5.6 kW system installed in 2006. A brief presentation will be made at the beginning of our next Town Board meeting this coming Monday night at 7:30 PM
The current system is likely to produce at least 75,018 kWh annually.  This level of production is expected to save the Town $622,128 over a thirty-year period.  Of course, the system may produce well beyond thirty years, saving the Town even more. 
Greenburgh is reducing its CO2 emissions by 52.7 metric tons per year by going solar.  This is equivalent to planting 49.9 acres of U.S. forests a year, or taking 11 cars off the road every year, according to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator.
When sunlight hits solar panels, particles of light displace electrons which create a direct electrical current.  That current passes through an inverter, where it is changed to the alternating current used by buildings.  When the Town is using more electricity than the solar energy system is producing, it pulls electricity in from the grid.  When the system produces more current than the Town Hall can use, the excess gets sent out to the electric grid, and the Town Hall gets credited at the same rate it pays. 
The system’s production is monitored in real time and can be viewed at the informational kiosk in the lobby of the Town Hall.



Last year the Greenburgh Town Board voted to form a Health Care Advisory Committee. The committee meets monthly. Members of the Town Board met with representatives of the Health Care Advisory Committee Tuesday during our work session. The members of the committee discussed their efforts to promote good health care for Greenburgh residents.  Watch the video.



The Health Care Advisory Committee is having an open meeting on Wednesday, November 16th at the Greenburgh Neighborhood Health Center at 7 PM. The Health Center is located on Knollwood Road near the Greenburgh library.


the health care advisory committee works closely with a group of transplant survivors and their families. Among health care advisory committees: A heart transplant and lung transplant recipient. The group meets monthly at the Neighborhood Health Center. TONIGHT IS the meeting. If you know anyone who needs a transplant this organization could be very helpful.

TSO November 16, 2016, Monthly Meeting

Dr. Jason Gerard Marinaccio is a Pharmacist based out of Yonkers, New York.  Dr. Marinaccio was present at TSO's September meeting to administer flu and pneumonia shots.  He will discuss interactions of transplant drugs with other drugs, food, and herbals.  This is a great opportunity to have many of your questions answered.

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Community Room

Greenburgh Health Center
295 Knollwood Road
Greenburgh, NY  10607

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