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Pedestrian island at knollwood/119 to be improved...why indoor pool has been closed for 4 weeks
Release Date: February 07, 2013

PEDESTRIAN ISLAND AT KNOLLWOOD/ROUTE 119 WILL BE RECONFIGURED. Police Chief Joseph DeCarlo and I have received many complaints about the new pedestrian island at Knollwood Road and 119. We have forwarded the complaints to the NYS Department of Transportation. The road is a state road, not a town road. In regards to the pedestrian island at Knollwood Road and 119, the consultant for the Health Center, Kellard Sessions, 500 Main Street, Armonk NY, has forwarded the plans for the construction of requested revisions such as a wider right turn lane and the reconfiguration of the island to keep two north bound lanes open. On December 20, 2012 these plans were sent to Mr. Shahid Quandri, P.E., resident engineer, DOT 1 Dana Road, Valhalla, NY. According to Chief DeCarlo, The DOT recently gave them a permit amendment (approval) so now this construction can start anytime they want to.

POOL REPAIRS ARE BEING MADE...The TDYCC Pool has been closed for nearly 4-weeks for repairs. According to the Commissioner of Public Works, Victor Carosi the reason for this extended closure has been to determine the source of a leaks or leaks in the pool, and to service the pool mechanical systems. Starting on January 14, the pool was drained so an inspection could be performed by a contractor familiar with the pool. It takes several days to drain the pool. Once the pool was drained to an appropriate level, the technicians inspected the pool, located potential leaks, and made the repairs. This process takes time as material to correct the leaks must cure and as it takes time to refill the pool and monitor water level for further leaks to be sure they were all located and adequately sealed.

The pool leaks are now corrected.

While the leaks were corrected mechanical systems were also inspected. A CO2 system was repaired, the automatic water feed and level system was repaired, and repairs were made to the disinfection system.

At this time, a second contractor repairing the main pump advises he will compete his work over this weekend and reinstall the pump Monday. It takes several days to refill the pool, filter and disinfect the water and heat the water to a comfortable temperature.

We expect to re-open the pool before the end of next week. Maybe by Thursday. Obviously, weather conditions could impact the re-opening date.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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