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Town Board approves outdoor fitness equipment--a first for the town!
Release Date: March 28, 2013

The Greenburgh Town Board unanimously approved a resolution authorizing NON TAXPAYER DOLLARS (developer escrow funds) to be used  to install outdoor adult fitness equipment at Travis Hill Park.  This is the first  time adult outdoor fitness equipment will be placed in a town park.  Many communities around the world have incorporated adult fitness equipment in parks. We anticipate expanding the initiative in the future and will be placing the equipment in other parks around the town.  You will now be able to exercise outdoors in our parks!
Credit for the adult fitness equipment concept goes to Lloyd Cort , a community leader who first suggested the outdoor equipment to Gerry Byrne, commissioner of parks, over six years ago. He saw how popular the fitness stations were around the country. Last year my family went to Israel and I enjoyed exercising on an adult fitness equipment on a beach in Tel Aviv!  A few months ago I read an article about adult fitness equipment in europe for seniors --designed to help seniors improve their balance.
In addition to the adult fitness equipment the Town Board approved the purchase of a new outdoor playground equipment at Yosemite Park (near the Theodore Young Community Center). We also plan to install a water conservation system for the spray pad at Yosemite Park--which should save taxpayers money since less water will be used. The playground and water conservation initiatives will also be paid for by non taxpayer dollars--using developer escrow funds.

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