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Knollwood A & P ramp could be more accessible to the disabled elderly
Release Date: September 15, 2013

During the past few months I have observed the struggles of seniors and disabled residents when shopping at the Knollwood A & P  (Greenburgh Shopping Center).Many elderly and disabled shoppers have a very difficult time walking up to the A & P and down the ramp from the A & P and to the parking area after they shop. It's too steep for those with balance problems.  I have personally seen some near falls (fortunately they regained their balance).
Last month I contacted the A & P and the landlord to report my observations. I am pleased how responsive they have been. The landlord's architect has come up with a proposal that will make the shopping experience much less stressful for those who have had a difficult time walking up and down the ramp.
The following proposal is being recommended...

  1. The ramp and side flares at the entry area will be increased in distance from the face of the curb and parallel to the curb respectively.  The pitch on the ramp and flares will be reduced to 1:20 (one vertical unit for each 20 horizontal units) creating a surface that is easier to traverse for the customers.  The proposed slope will be similar to slightly pitched sidewalk, and technically at the proposed pitch of 1:20, Rails have been added at the side flares to assist with persons walking up the ramp and to signal the ramp for vehicles in the drive aisle.
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