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Transformer Malfunction closes Lawton Ave near Central Park Avenue
Release Date: April 17, 2016

Due to a transformer malfunction on Lawton Avenue near the intersection of Central Park Avenue, cars parked in the Sacred Heart Church parking lot were trapped and their owners needed to take cabs to return home from the 8:00am service.  I have just been advised by Chief McNerney that Con Edison will have power restored in the next 15 minutes (approximately 11am).  The parking lot will be accessible and all cars will be removed.  Con Edison will come back later with an overhead crew to swap out the transformer.  A deceased squirrel found on the ground was apparently the cause of the malfunction.  There will be a temporary power outage when Con Edison swaps out the transformer.  Currently, there is no time estimate when that swap will take place.  Avoid Lawton Avenue in the interim.

Francis Sheehan, Councilman
   Town of Greenburgh

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