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CRANE'S POND UPDATE--a pond that looks like pea soup will hopefully be beautiful again!
Release Date: June 24, 2016

Crane’s Pond in Edgemont has been looking like pea soup this summer, not like a beautiful pond.

Today  Commissioner of Parks Gerry Byrne and his team met with an aquatic specialist from The Pond and Lake Connections (that provide pond and lake management services) at Crane’s Pond concerning the algae and duckweed problem.  Presently the pond has a lot of algae growth with no sign of duckweed.


As per state standards he could only treat half of the pond today and will return in two weeks to treat the other half.  He is confident that this treatment will  be effective.  Treatment will continue as needed and as per state regulations through August.  Unfortunately, we had a dry month and the pond fountain went down that contributed to the aggressive algae growth.  We also had a conversation about starting our treatment program earlier next year.


Lastly we are going to purchase another pond fountain to increase the water flow and hope to have the new fountain installed later this summer.  If the treatment doesn’t work we will proceed with plans to dredge the pond. Dredging could be very expensive.


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