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Release Date: September 25, 2016

Friendly reminder: First half of school taxes are due on Friday September 30th. Visit the tax department's web page to find out how you can pay on line or by credit card. The town of Greenburgh acts as a tax collector for the school districts. The town has no involvement in setting the tax rates of the schools. School budgets are approved  by independent School Boards and the voters each spring.  An interesting bit of information: The town is required by law to pay the school taxes owed whether taxpayers pay or not.  So, if you don't pay your school taxes we have to give the schools 100% of the taxes owed to them. The town is able to put a lien on the property and we eventually get paid (with penalties and interest).  The town is currently completing our reassessment. The bill you received earlier this month uses the old assessment numbers. The April tax bill will be the first time the new assessment numbers take effect.



You are invited to attend a concert today between the hours of 4-6 PM at Woodlands Community Temple. It's part of a nationwide concert series being held across the nation today to call attention to the victims of America's gun violence. It's a concert: #ConcertAcrossAmerica to #EndGunViolence
http://concertacrossamerica.org/.   More than 350 events are being held nationwide showcasing more than 1,000 artists and performers.

 The concert takes place Woodlands Community Temple off of Worthington Road. It's a  highly participatory Non-denominational "sing-in." Raise your voices together in action-inspiring folk and contemporary song, led by Ellen Dreskin, Jonathan Gordon, Kenny Green, Adam Hart, Ira and Julia Levin, Jenny Murphy, and others.

 500,000+ souls  were murdered by firearms in the last 50 years. . The enormity of loss is unbearable and all too easily forgotten and so, with music, we create a positive national moment of collective remembrance supported by action.


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