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Book sale today at Greenburgh Library--new restaurant Himalaya on Central Ave gets rave reviews from
Release Date: December 09, 2016


Get ready for holiday giving!  Greenburgh Library- Paperback books on sale 4/$1. All other books $1 - including many children's books.  During Library hours Friday 12/9, Saturday 12/10 and Sunday 12/11.  Fiction, bio, cookbooks etc.  Perfect for holiday giving. 


New Restaurant 

A new restaurant: Himalaya has opened on Central Ave (next to Genarro's and 7 11- just south of the former Scarsdale A & P-other side of the street). The reviews are excellent. These reviews appeared on Next Door (I deleted last names of the writers).







Want to give a heads up that the new Himalayan restaurant on Central Ave (next to Genarro's) is very good, friendly service, and quick! Although they are a little pricey, entrees are large enough to be shared/ have leftovers. The food is Nepalese (menu is similar to Indian restaurants). Hope they do well, since there aren't many other good options in this area besides pizza!


I will second Kim's thoughts about HImalaya. They also have a great inexpensive lunch special where you get a good amount of food for only $11! The food is delicious and I hope it sticks around!





My family and I have been to Himalaya - the food was great and the ownership is really friendly. We have also been to their location in Yorktown (equally as good), but have not been to their Harrison location. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot, you will not be disappointed. Also, while the food may be slightly on the pricey side, they are BYOB, so you can safe money on wine! 





Agreed. Good but pricey and to-go portions on the smaller side. Lamb Vindaloo and Chicken Tika Marsala with 2 orders of Naan = $55. But i would go back. Probably the best around since Bengal Tiger in White Plains burnt down.







We've been there a few times now for lunch and dinner and like the food, service and atmoshere.

Pricey yes, but so it everything else apart from plain lunch places here around.








We ate there a few days after it opened. The food was excellent and everyone was very friendly.  Will definitely go back.








Agree - the food was excellent and everyone was very friendly! We've been there a few times and will definitely go back!


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