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No longer a secret--Unico named #1 new restaurant in Westchester ---restaurant at 4 corners
Release Date: January 29, 2019

It’s no longer a secret---

   Thanks to Westchester Magazine - the exceptional new restaurant, Unico at the 4 corners in Hartsdale, is no longer a local secret. In recent months many Greenburgh restaurants have told me how pleasantly surprised they were about the quality of the food and service at Unico.   Now--thanks to Westchester Magazine  which named Unico the number one top new restaurant in the county - my guess is that more and more people will enjoy the delicious dishes at Unico. Thanks to Unico - Hartsdale and the four corners (West Hartsdale, East Hartsdale Ave, Central Ave) will become a destination point for more and more people looking for an exceptional lunch or dinner.  Hopefully, other local businesses will also benefit being near Unico.

      In recent months the Greenburgh Town Board has worked with Hartsdale civic leaders and members of the community trying to revitalize the 4 corners in Hartsdale. One of our goals has been to find ways to make people want to visit Hartsdale and the 4 corners. A big thank you to Unico for already putting our community on the map before we even did anything!   See link to the article below




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