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East Hartsdale Avenue Multi-Family Building Proposed (near Four Corners)
Release Date: May 12, 2019


...current auto repair shop site (E Hartsdale Ave/Wilson Street--near Central Ave)


This is the first major 4 corners redevelopment proposal to be presented to the Town Board



On Tuesday May 14th  at the Town Board work session  (which begins at 4 PM) a presentation will be made by owners interested in redeveloping the corner of East Hartsdale Avenue and Wilson Street with a new multi-family residential building. Presently at the site (two separately-owner lots) a former gas station (and current auto repair shop) exists with two, one-family residences to the rear. A site owner approached the Town with a concept to combine the lots and develop one building fronting close to East Hartsdale Avenue. Collectively the two sites are zoned primarily M-174 (Multi-Family Residence District), with a small sliver of R-7.5 (One-Family Residence District). 


The properties were planned to be rezoned to M-174 in connection with Appendix E of the Comprehensive Plan, however, this zoning map change was postponed to allow for full review of an actual redevelopment proposal for a multi-family building redevelopment. This multi-phased approach allows for an appropriate process for review of traffic, buffers, landscaping, etc., in advance of any rezoning. The meeting with the Town Board is the very first step in this process, which will entail site plan review and a zoning map amendment, all of which will include public input. 


The subject site is the only property in the Four Corners Study area with present zoning (provided the R-7.5 portion is amended) that would permit development consistent with the Hartsdale Four Corners Study, which is an ongoing Town planning initiative. In addition to the site plan review and zoning map amendment noted above, it is also very important for the Engineering/Planning Consultant selected for the Four Corners Traffic/Stormwater and infrastructure study (Consultant to be selected in June) to provide input on the potential for this property to be incrementally developed, in the context of Four Corners planning. 


The Town will receive copies of the rendering for the proposal at the meeting Tuesday and will then post this information on the Town website. The auto-use is a non-conforming use that is proposed to be replaced with an attractive modern building. The meeting Tuesday can be live streamed from the Town website, viewed on cable access tv or in person at the work session. The applicant will also make a separate presentation to the Four Corners  Land Use Resident Committee following soon after the Town Board meeting. The input of the 4C committee is important, as will be input from all residents, in this process.  


 Last year the Town Board and I invited residents who are most impacted with proposed land use applicants to join land use committees that are advisory to the Town Board. These land use advisory committees have worked with the Commissioner of Planning, preparing RFPs for consultants and they have also helped interview potential consultants who analyze land use application. We want citizens to be partners in all major development review processes.


     After the presentation I will post a link to the video/discussion for those who can't attend our Board meeting or watch it live.



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