Town Attorney
Office of the Town Attorney
177 Hillside Avenue
Greenburgh, NY 10607
Telephone: (914) 989-1615/ Fax: (914) 989-1627
David R. Fried, First Deputy Town Attorney
Edward M. Lieberman, Deputy Town Attorney
Joseph A. Danko, Deputy Town Attorney
Richard L. Marasse, Deputy Town Attorney
Margaret Taglia, Deputy Town Attorney
The Town Attorney’s office provides the following services to the Town of Greenburgh:
  • Counsel to the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Defends the Town against lawsuits.
  • Prosecutes violators of the Town Code.
  • Defends the Town against Tax Certiorari lawsuits.
  • Prepares Local Laws.
  • Prepares resolutions concerning matters affecting the Town for Town Board meetings.
  • Reviews and prepares documents dealing with Special Permits.
  • Reviews and prepares documents dealing with Zone Changes.
  • Reviews and prepares documents dealing with Amendments to the Zoning Local Law.
  • Prepares Amendments to the Town Code.
  • Handles Amendments to Official Map.
  • Handles Abandonments of Town Roads.
  • Reviews personnel matters and personnel contracts.
  • Reviews bonding documents.
  • Prepares and advises regarding documents dealing with the sale or acquisition of personal and real property by the Town.
  • Prepares legal documents and advises with respect to Eminent Domain proceedings.
  • Reviews all documents and advises Boards, agencies and departments processing proposed documents on subdivision and site plans.
  • Prepares and advises on proposed inter-municipal agreements with various State, County, Town and Villages, and municipal agreement with non-government entities for the benefit of the Town.
  • Advises with respect to Special Districts such as: Water and Sewer Districts.

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