§ 100-6. Bureau of Fire Prevention.

There is hereby established a Bureau of Fire Prevention to coordinate fire safety issues. It shall be the duty of the Bureau to enforce all laws and ordinances under its jurisdiction, including but not limited to the provisions of the Uniform Code governing fire safety. The Bureau shall be composed of the Town Fire Marshal, Building Inspector and a Chief from each Fire District within the Town or any designated representative. The Town Fire Marshal shall administer and coordinate the services of the Bureau.
The Bureau shall meet at times and dates designated by the Town Fire Marshal. Special meetings may be called by either the Fire Marshal or any two members of the Bureau. Three members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and a majority vote of all members shall be necessary for official action.
Each Chief may appoint any officer or member of his or her fire company, who is qualified and has the requisite certification, to serve as a Fire Inspector of the respective fire district. The Building Inspector may appoint any member of his staff, who is qualified and has the requisite certification, to serve as a Fire Inspector for the unincorporated area of the Town outside an established fire district. Each Fire Inspector shall hold office at the pleasure of the respective appointing authority.
Any member of the Bureau and any Fire Inspector may, at all reasonable hours and/or at any time he or she has reason to believe that a fire hazard may exist, enter any building or structure within his or her respective jurisdiction, except the interior of a private residence, for the limited purpose of performing an inspection regarding any conditions suspected of constituting a threat to the safety of the building or its occupants. Any member of the Bureau, or any duly appointed Fire Inspector, may enter a private residence only with the consent of the owner or its occupants, unless exigent circumstances warrant immediate entry to protect human health, safety and welfare.
Each Chief shall investigate the cause, origin and circumstance of every fire occurring within his or her respective jurisdiction in which a person has been injured or where property in excess of $1,000 has been damaged or destroyed. Such investigation shall begin immediately upon the occurrence of a fire. If a fire appears to be of suspicious origin, the Chief shall immediately notify the Town Police Department. To the greatest extent practicable, the Chief shall preserve all physical evidence and shall cooperate with the investigatory authorities to ascertain the origin of the fire and the persons responsible.
Each Chief for any fire district/department providing firefighting services for a property within Unincorporated Greenburgh shall promptly notify the Building Inspector of any fire alarm activation or malfunction, fire sprinkler discharge or malfunction, fire, explosion and if residents are displaced.

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