A.  In addition to the penalties provided for by this chapter, any violation of the rules
         and regulations duly promulgated by the Commissioner shall, in the discretion of 
         the park officials in charge, subject the violator to immediate ejection and cancellation
         of his park privileges by the Commissioner.  Any person aggrieved by the cancellation
         of his park privileges may appeal, in writing, to the Town Board which shall review
         such cancellation at a public hearing. 

B.   All persons using Town parks and recreational facilities do so at their own risk.


C.  The Town assumes no responsibility for loss of personal property.


D.  All personal equipment and effects must be removed from lockers rented on a daily
basis before the posted closing time of locker rooms.  Any equipment of effects let
in lockers after the rental period has expired will be removed and disposed of
according to Town policy for lost or abandoned property.


E.   All personal equipment and effects must be removed from cabanas rented on a
seasonal basis by the second Sunday in September each year.  Any equipment or
effects left in the cabanas after that date will be removed and disposed of according
to Town policy for lost or abandoned property. 

   F.   The Commissioner or his authorized representative may, in his discretion, refuse 
         admission to any Town park or recreational facility when, in his judgment said park
         or recreational facility cannot accommodate additional persons due to overcrowding. 

   G.  All parks shall be deemed officially closed to the public between sunset and sunrise,
         except where otherwise designated by the Commissioner. 


A.  Except as otherwise specified, the use and enjoyment of the parks shall be available
only to residents of the unincorporated area of the Town of Greenburgh and their
guests.  All residents shall hold an approved identification permit issued by the Town.

1.   The Commissioner or his duly authorized representative is hereby authorized to
issue permits pursuant to this chapter.  A permit to do any act shall authorize the
same only insofar as it may be performed in strict accordance with the written
terms and conditions thereof. 

         2.   The Commissioner is hereby authorized to deny the issuance of any such permit
               or to revoke the continuance of any such permit previously issued if, in the
               determination of the Commissioner, there would result a violation of any law,
               ordinance, rule or regulation by the permittee, his agents or employees or would,
               in the opinion of the Commissioner, not be consistent with the proper use of park

3.   Any such determination by the Commissioner shall be reviewable by the Town
Board at a public hearing upon written application of the party so aggrieved. 

         4.   In the case of the revocation on any permit, all moneys paid for or on account
               thereof shall, at the option of the Commissioner, be forfeited to and retained by
               the Town; and the permittee, together with his agents and employees who
               violated such terms and conditions, shall be jointly and severally liable to the
               Town of Greenburgh for any damages and loss suffered by it in excess of money
               so forfeited and retained; but neither such forfeiture and retention by the Town
               of the whole or any part of such moneys, nor the  recovery or collection of such
               damages, or both, shall in any manner relieve such person or persons from 
               liability for punishment for any violation of any law or ordinance of the Town or
               rule or regulation of the Commissioner. 

5.   A resident must promptly report the loss or theft of his identification permit to
the Commissioner.  No person shall procure, transfer or otherwise use an
approved identification permit contrary to this or the rules and regulations of
the Commissioner or in any other illegal manner. 

   B.   Special Permits.  No person, group or organization shall erect any structure, stage 
         any performance or conduct any race, athletic contest, parade or hold any meeting
         or public gathering of ten (10) or more people in any park or park street except by 
         special permit. 

1.   The Commissioner or his authorized representative may, in his discretion, issue
a special permit upon application when he deems it consistent with the proper
use of the park property. 

   C.  Applications for any permits and/or programs shall be made to the Commissioner 
         on forms supplied by him.  For each application submitted, the applicant shall pay 
         an application fee which shall be set by the Town Board. 


A.   Littering and pollution.

1.   No person shall cause refuse of any sort to be left or deposited in any park
or park waters.  Those materials which become refuse consequential to use
within the park must be placed in the receptacles provided for refuse or
removed by the user when leaving any park.


2.   No person shall cause any substance or gas to enter any drain sewer or
receiving basin in or leading into any park, which would tend to choke or
impair the system or which may result in the pollution of park waters. 

B.   Property.  No person shall injure, deface, alter, remove or destroy any property
or equipment owned by the Town of Greenburgh.


C.  Advertising.  No person shall distribute or place any signs, banners or literature
or present any visible or audible representation for commercial purposes in any park.


D.  Protection of plant and animal life.  No person shall remove, destroy, deface or
disturb any plant or throw any missiles at, injure, kill, hunt or trap any animal within
any park.


E.   Fires.  No person shall kindle, build or maintain a fire except in a suitable fireplace
or barbecue grill provided for such purpose.  Where permitted, a fire shall be
continuously under the care and direction of a competent person.  No person shall
discard any lighted match, cigar or cigarette within any park except where proper
receptacles are provided.


F.   Bathing and swimming.  No person shall wade or swim in any park pool or waters
except at such times and such places as are designated for such purposes.  No
person shall dress or undress in any park except in such bathhouses as may be
maintained for that purpose.


G.  Skating, coasting and bicycling.  No person shall skate or walk on ice nor sled,
snowshoe, ski or use other vehicles on wheels or runners except at such times and
places as may be designate by the Commissioner.


H.  No person shall engage in flying model airplanes or kites or manipulating rockets,
model boats or model cars nor object or apparatus except at times and places as
may be designated by the Commissioner.


I.    No person shall, in any park or park street, throw, catch, kick or strike any baseball,
golf ball, tennis ball, football, basketball or other object, not shall any person engage
in any sport, game or competition except in places designated therefor and pursuant
to rules and regulations promulgated by the Commissioner governing the use of
equipment and playground in the park.


J.    Gambling.  No gambling shall be permitted.


K.  Firearms, weapons and explosives.  No person shall bring or have in his possession
any firearm, weapon, explosive or properties having such character into any park
except where specifically permitted.


L.   Alcoholic beverages.  The consumption of beer, ale, wine or other alcoholic
beverages in any park or recreational area is strictly prohibited.


M.  Loitering.  No person shall loiter or remain in any park or park area after the
designated closing time of the park or specific area.


N.  Animals.  No person shall bring any animal into a park unless specifically
permitted by the Commissioner.


O.  Peddling.  No person shall exhibit, sell or offer for sale or hire any object,
merchandise or service except pursuant to a permit.  The Commissioner or
his authorized representative may, at his discretion, issue such permit upon
application when he deems is consistent with the proper use of the park property. 
In addition, the person shall obtain a valid permit pursuant to Chapter 390 of this
code entitled “Peddlers, Solicitors & Canvassers.”  No photographs shall be taken
for advertising, commercial or publicity purposes except pursuant to a permit.


P.   No person shall tent or camp or erect or maintain a shelter in any park except
pursuant to a permit.  The Commissioner or his authorized representative may, at
his discretion, issue such permit upon application when he deems it consistent with
the proper use of the park property.


Q.  Prohibited conduct.  No person shall, in any park or on any street within a park:

1.   Disobey or disregard any direction of a police officer, park employee or sign,
rule or regulation posted on the grounds or building.


2.   Use threatening, abusive or insulting language.


3.   Do any obscene or indecent act as defined by the Penal Law of the State of
New York.


4.   Throw stones or other objects not intrinsic to a sport.


5.   Solicit alms, subscriptions of contributions for any purpose.


6.   Interfere with, encumber or obstruct passage in any part of a park or park street.


7.   Climb or lie upon any wall, fence or other structure.


8.   Enter or leave any park except at established entranceways or exits and at
established times.


9.   Attempt to use or gain admittance to the facilities in any park for which a
charge is made without paying the established fee.


10. Enter or remain on park premises in a state of intoxication or in a disorderly

R.   Water.  No person shall use any watercraft including, but not limited to, boats, rafts,
canoes and kayaks, in any park pool or waters except at such times and places as
may be designated by the Commissioner, and in accordance with any conditions
imposed by the Commissioner.   


   A.  Traffic control.  All persons shall comply with the directions of police officers and
         park employees in park areas.  Parking shall be in designated areas only. 

B.   Restriction on vehicles.  Vehicles, such as trucks and trailers constructed for or
engaged in the carrying of merchandise, are prohibited from entering any park
except to make necessary delivery or pickups.

   C.  Omnibuses.  No person shall drive or operate within any park any omnibus
         adapted for more than nine (9) passengers except as specified under a permit. 

D.  Soliciting passengers.  No person shall solicit passengers for any vehicle in any park.


E.   Hitchhiking.  No person shall attempt to stop any vehicle in any park for the
purpose of soliciting a ride, except in case of an emergency.


F.   Restricted areas.  No person shall operate a vehicle in any park within or upon any
work road or improved roadway, or in any other area not designated for such use
by the public, except Town personnel in the discharge of their responsibilities.


G.  Driving instructions.  Instruction in operating automobiles or motorcycles is prohibited
in all parks at all times.


H.  Obstructing traffic.  No person shall cause or permit any obstruction of traffic by
vehicle or otherwise in any park.  No person shall remove or replace a flat time in
any park unless the vehicle is completely off the road so that no part of the vehicle
or person is within the path of passing vehicles.


I.    Towing.  No person shall cause or permit a vehicle to be towed or pushed by
another vehicle in any park, except that in the event of a breakdown a disabled
vehicle may be towed or pushed to the nearest exit.


J.    Projecting articles.  No person shall operate or drive a vehicle in any park with any
person or object projecting therefrom or hanging outside thereof, except in the case
of supporting equipment which may be securely fastened to a rack for that purpose,
and in no case shall such equipment project more than twelve (12) inches from the


K.  Removal of vehicles.  All stalled or disabled vehicles must be removed from
the paved roadways in parks.  If not removed by the owners, they may be removed
by park employees or licensed tow operators designated by the Commissioner at
the expense of the owners.  Neither the Town nor such licensed tow operators
shall be liable for damages which may result from such removal.  No disabled
vehicle shall be permitted to remain in a park for a period longer than four (4) hours.


L.   No person in any park may grease, lubricate, wash, clean or make repairs to any
vehicle except those of a minor nature in cases of emergency.


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