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Frequently asked questions for the Town of Greenburgh Adult Softball Leagues
Is there a resident requirement to join a league? Because the taxpayers of the Unincorporated Town of Greenburgh help underwrite our programs there is a residency requirement for all of our leagues. Because there are multiple communities that are part of the Town of Greenburgh there are 2 classifications of teams. They are Resident and Town teams and their definitions are described below. Recognizing that there are many businesses that are in the Town of Greenburgh we have also made exceptions as described below
Resident teams must be comprised of 10 players whose primary residence (domicile) is in unincorporated Town of Greenburgh and who can show a valid UniCard, plus up to four Town of Greenburgh residents.
Town teams must be comprised of 10 players whose primary residence (domicile) is within the Town of Greenburgh, including the six surrounding villages (Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, Hastings, Irvington and Tarrytown) you may also have up to 4 non-residents.
Business teams (Co-ed & Men’s Rec.)  The business must be located within the unincorporated town or the surrounding 6 villages and all rostered players must be full time employees which will be verified by the Personnel Director of you company.
Please note that teams must conform to one of the descriptions listed above and not a combination (i.e.Town and Business)
How much does it cost to join a league? – Because we have 2 different types of teams there are 2 different rates. For the most recent rate please see the document entitled Rates/Fees for the most current calendar year in the section for Adult Softball Program for specific instructions.
How do teams register? – Please see the document entitled Softball Registration Process in the section for Adult Softball Program for specific instructions. Briefly each league has a maximum number of teams that can be accommodated for each league based on several factors. Once it has been determined how many teams will be returning from the previous year new teams will be permitted to join on a first come first pay basis. All teams are registered intact.
What are the different leagues we offer? – For a full description of each of our leagues please see the document entitled Adult Softball League Descriptions in the section for our adult softball program. Briefly the current leagues we offer are: Men’s 55 and over, Men’s 40 and over, Men’s Recreation League and our Co-ed League.
How can individuals join a team? -  All of our teams register intact but occasionally a resident will express a desire to get back into playing softball and is interested in joining a team.  When we receive inquires from individuals, their name and basic playing experience is requested via e-mail and distributed via e-mail to the managers participating in the desired league. If a manager is in need of a player, they will then contact the individual. Residency/participation requirements and restrictions will determine if a person is eligible to join a team. Individuals can leave their name, address, contact information and brief player experience by either calling 989-1817 or by e-mail at remlet@greenburghny.com . Managers of registered teams in the determined league will be sent the individuals data and instructed to contact them if interested.
Can non-residents join a team? – As stated above our leagues are residency based however if team is either a Town or Business type team there is an allowance for a minimal number of non-residents to play on a team. The process would be the same as outlined directly above.
When do the leagues start and finish play? – All leagues start in mid April and, depending on the number of teams, are usually scheduled to complete their season between late July and early August barring rainouts or other unforeseen issues. Playoffs begin immediately following the conclusion of the season. Rain makeup’s are scheduled based on field availability and predetermined dates as specified at our annual league meetings (usually early March). Makeups might be scheduled on nights other than the regularly scheduled night. Occasional weekend games may be scheduled if there are excessive makeups.
What night and time would my league play? - Men’s 55 and over play Monday and Thursday evenings, Men’s 40 and over play Wednesday evenings, Men’s Recreation League plays on Monday evenings and our Co-ed League plays on Tuesday evenings. Games are played typically at 7:00 pm, 8:15 pm and 9:30 weekly. Games are typically played on our fields at Rumbrook Park (off of Dobbs Ferry Road between the Sprain Brook Parkway and the Elmwood Country Club). Make-up games are scheduled during the season when field space is available which could result in a league playing a make-up game on a night other than their regular night(s). Once post season begins games are played when field space is available.
Can a team request a specific game time? – many of the sponsors of the teams in our leagues are bars and/or restaurants so often we are asked to only schedule games early so the teams can go back and support their sponsors. To be fair to all of the teams we attempt to schedule every team with an equal number of early, mid and late games. Should teams wish to support their sponsor they should plan on visiting the establishment on an alternate night if their scheduled game prohibits them from doing so on their league night.
What about Umpires? – All of our leagues follow USSSA rules and are officiated by certified USSSA umpires. Umpire fees are included in the league registration fee.
Are there any exceptions made to the rules for a specific league? – Most of our leagues have some exceptions that are listed in our rules.  Please see the document entitled Adult Softball League Rules for the most recent calendar year in the section for Adult Softball Program for specific instructions.
Are there bat restrictions? – Yes. Currently all Miken Ultras are banned from use in any of our leagues. Since we follow USSSA rules we also recognize their list of approved bats. The list can be found by visiting www.usssa.com and reviewing the most current list of approved bats. All bats must have original permanent factory markings indicating that it is an “Official Softball” bat (no decals). The BPF (Bat Performance Factor) must be 1.20 or less. For additional specifications please review the current USSSA Official Slow Pitch Playing Rules which can also be found at the website indicated above. Wooden softball bats are permitted.
What should I do when the weather is questionable? - The Town of Greenburgh has a Hotline system in place to assist in communicating with everyone involved. Our Rumbrook Hotline is 989-1834. For Saturday games please check hotline starting at 8:00 AM and follow instructions. For weeknight games check after 3:00 PM.
What ball is used? – All of our leagues use the DeBeer F12 Clincher softball. There are two new balls used per game.
Is there a Fall Ball League? – No…. because our fields are multi-use fields our fields are converted at the end of the season into soccer fields for a fall youth program.

    Youth Soccer
          Frequently asked questions for Youth Soccer
  1. Why is there a registration deadline? – Registration deadlines are essential to the planning and organization of any program or league offered. Uniforms need to be ordered, coaches need to be recruited and trained as well as schedules need to be created. This all gets done after the registration deadline.
  2. Where can I obtain a registration form? – Registration forms are usually available at Town Hall, the library, TDYCC or the registration office at Anthony F Veteran Park. Forms can also be downloaded from our website at www.greenburghny.com. Once at the main page  select the Documents & Forms tab on the left of the page and look under Parks & Recreation for the form you need.
  3. How do I register my child? – Simply follow the instructions outline on the form.  A completed form, along with payment, must be on file in our registration office. Since an original signature is required to be on file no electronic registration is available. There is a drop box located directly outside the registration office at Anthony F Veteran Park if you are not able to stop by during regular office hours (Monday through Friday 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM except Wednesday evening when the office closes at 7:00 PM). DO NOT RETURN THE FORM TO YOUR CHILDS SCHOOL AS THEY ARE SIMPLY DISTRIBUTING THE FORMS TO THE CHILDERN FOR OUR DEPARTMENT.
  4. Who will be coaching my child? – The youth soccer program like all of our youth sports programs relies solely on parents to coach the teams. If parents to not volunteer to coach teams cannot be formed.
  5. How do parents become coaches? – The Town of Greenburgh Parks and Recreation Department along with Edgemont and Elmsford Recreation are members of the National Youth Sports Coaches Association and utilize their curriculum to train out coaches. We have found that most parents find it more convenient to take the on-line coaches course so that they can do it in the comfort of their home and at a time where it is most conducive to learning. The town also requires all coaches to have an annual background check done.
  6. How will I or my child be informed what team he/she is on? – Shortly after the registration deadline there will be a coaches meeting where teams will be identified and schedules will begin to be formed. Once coaches and teams have been identified the coaches will contact the players on their team to inform them when and where practices will be along with any other important information. Parents need to be patient and remember that the coaches are volunteers.
  7. When will practices be held? – Since practices are based on the coaches and field availability it will have to be determined by the coach after the registration deadline and coaches meeting.  In general 1st & 2nd grade teams do not practice during the week and only meet on Saturdays. The first grade teams are schedule for a 90 minute block of time where half of the time is dedicated to practice and the other half to game play against a scheduled opponent. As the season and their skill level progress more time will be spent on game play and less on practice. 2nd grade teams typically meet prior to their scheduled game time on Saturdays and utilize a designated section of space to practice. 3rd Grade and above practice on a designated weeknight as determined by field and coach availability
  8. When are games usually scheduled? – Schedules are established based on the number of teams in each league and the availability of both fields and referee’s. On Saturdays typically the game schedule begins at 9:00 and games are scheduled hourly which can go as late as 3:00pm depending on the number of teams utilizing the field. This is the case for all leagues except the 1st Grade league. The first grade league utilizes a 90 minute block of time to allow for both practice and game play. Time blocks utilized are 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00 depending on the number of teams registered in the league. No set time can be established for your child’s team (i.e. 9:00 am games only) so conflicts may exist if players are schedule for several different activities on a Saturday. Evening games are scheduled under the lights at Rumbrook Park on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 3rd through 6th grade teams as well so your child may have an occasional night game. Make-up games are also scheduled on weeknights if needed.  
  9. When will the schedule become available? – Schedules cannot be created until after the coaches for each team have been identified which is always after the coaches meeting. Parents need to be flexible during the start of the season since most planning cannot be done until after the start of the school year.
  10. What does my child need to participate? – A team shirt will be provided. Players must supply shin guards (mandatory) and should have cleats. Players should dress comfortably for the weather in athletic attire (At no time are jeans considered to be appropriate athletic attire).
  1. Can my child partake in other activities on Saturdays while being a member of a team? – One of the attitudes we try to teach our players at a very young age is the concept of being part of a team is a commitment to the team. Many times players are torn because they want to be with their teammates yet are obligated to be elsewhere each week at a certain time (i.e.  dance or music lessons). Since games are schedule during a certain range of time each Saturday there is no way to determine when your child’s game will be played each week until after the registration deadline has passed and we have meet to create the teams.
  2. Where are games played? – On Saturday’s each league has a primary field that is selected based on the size of the field needed for each particular league.  
The 5th & 6th grade Greenburgh home games will be played on the back field at Seely School on Saturdays and the away games will be played at a yet to be designated field in White Plains. Prior to the start of the season the location and directions will be available to coaches and players as well as on line. All night games will be played at east Rumbrook Park under the lights.
 The 3rd & 4th grade Greenburgh home games will be played on the back field at the lower field at east Rumbrook Park on Saturdays and the away games will be played at a yet to be designated field in White Plains. Prior to the start of the season the location and directions will be available to coaches and players as well as on line. All night games will be played at east Rumbrook Park under the lights.
The  2nd grade co-ed games are played on the upper field at East Rumbrook Park.
The  1st grade co-ed games are played at Greenville School
Directions to all fields can be found by visiting our website at www.greenburghny.com and looking under the Parks and Recreation Department listing for Youth Soccer Leagues
In an effort to help bolsters our team numbers and sustain the program our 3rd through 6th grade boys and girls  play games against teams from the White Plains Parks & Recreation program and it was very successful so there will be some additional travel occasionally.
  1. How can I find my child’s schedule? – Shortly before the start of the season schedules for each league will be posted on our website at www.greenburghny.com then look under Documents and Forms and they will be listed under the Parks and Recreation listing.


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