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Opinions issued in 2019

Opinion 2019 -1


Opinions issued in 2018

Opinion 2018 -1, Costco

Opinion 2018 -2, Donald Cannon


Opinions issued in 2017

Advisory Opinion 2017-1 Recusal by First Deputy Town Attorney David R. Fried, Esq. relating to Regeneron.

WAIVER 2017-1 – Joseph A. Danko, Deputy Town Attorney


Opinions issued in 2015

Advisory Opinion 2015-1 Solicitation Letters Code Compliance

Advisory Opinion 2015-2 -- Solicitation of Funds

Advisory Opinion 2015-3 -- Recusal from Deliberations


Opinions issued in 2014

Opinion 2014-1 Solicitation of Sponsorships by Town 

Opinion 2014-2 Disclaimer Statement

Opinion 2014-3 Greenburgh Ethic Code Jurisdiction over Fire Districts within Greenburgh

Opinion 2014-4 Use of Town e-list for Veterans Golf Event 

Opinion 2014-5 Solicitation of Furniture by Town 

Opinion 2014-6 "Impact of Supreme Ct Ruling on Greenburgh"

Opinion 2014-7 "Fundraiser for Lois Bronz Center"

Opinion 2014-8 "One Milliion Dollar Donation"

OPINION 2014-09 -nonprofit link on the links page of the Town website

OPINION 2014-10 - using the Town email to send out an e-blast

Opinions issued in 2013

Advisory Opinion 2013-1 Gift Certificate

Advisory Opinion 2013-2 Display of Fundraising Material by Town Employee

Opinion 2013-3 "Solicitation of Political Service"

Opinion 2013-4 "Letter of Introduction"

Opinion 2013-5 Campaign Solicitation Letter to Agency Members

Opinions issued in 2012

Advisory Opinion 2012-1 Acceptance of Food Donations

Opinions issued in 2011

Advisory Opinion 2011-1 Joint TB-PB-ZBA Public Hearings 

Advisory Opinion 2011-2  Agency Member Acting as Treasurer for Campaign Committee for Judicial Candidate 

Advisory Opinion 2011-3 Arrangement whereby Potential Bidder funds Phase 1 Investigation

Opinion 2011-4 Investigation re Solicitation/Acceptance of Donations to Town Committee and Intervening Town Board Resolution

Opinion 2011-5 Agency Member - Disclosure, Recusal, Receipt of Gifts-Political Contributions

Opinion 2011-6 Investigation re Threat against Board of Ethics by Town Official 

Opinion 2011-7 Member of Town Board Acting as Advocate Before Planning or Zoning Boards

Opinion 2011-8 Section 4L(4) 
Member of Town Board Acting as Advocate Before Planning or Zoning Boards

Opinions issued in 2010

Opinion 2010-1 - Good Cause to Proceed Standard

Opinion 2010-2 - Appearance by Town Attorney Before Town Democratic Party Committee to Discuss Pending Litigation

Opinion 2010-3 - Solicitations of Member of Town Agencies

Opinion 2010-4  Solicitation of Spouse of Uncompensated Member of Town Agency

Opinion 2010-4 B Solicitation of Spouse of Uncompensated Member of Town Agency

Opinion 2010-5  Contributions by PACs

Opinion 2010-6 Disclosure by Town Official of Interest in Lawsuit

Opinion 2010-7 Acceptance of bid from vendor who also does work for an applicant

Opinion 2010-8 Disclosure by Town Officials of Interest in Lawsuit 

Advisory Opinion 2010-9 Town Official Input on FOIL Request Appeal

Opinion 2010-10 Solicitation of Gift Prior to July 2007 Amendments to Code of Ethics

Opinion 2010-11 Planning Board re Inviting Appointed Officials as Guests to Annual Holiday Dinner

Opinions issued in 2009

Advisory Opinion 2009-1 -Taxi Licensing

Opinion 2009-2
 -Proposed Gift to Library

Opinion 2009-3 - Contributions - Individual becomes Applicant for Town position within 12 months

Opinions issued in 2008

Advisory Opinion 2008-1 Recusal

Advisory Opinion 2008-2 Energy Conservation Outreach Coordinator

Advisory Opinion 2008-3 Advocacy Communications

Opinions issued in 2007




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