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I. Purpose of the Board of Ethics
The Board of Ethics is a volunteer, bipartisan group of citizens appointed by the Town Board to assist the Town in fostering an Ethical Climate in the Town.
II. Ethics Policy of the Town of Greenburgh
§570-1 Declaration of Policy
Public service should be considered the highest calling of a citizen, and the public interest should take precedence over all private interests. To achieve these ends, a Town government should require that Public Officers, Employees and Agency Members be honest, fair and responsible to the people; that they exercise independent and impartial judgment; that they give their undivided allegiance to the public welfare regardless of factionalism or transient political majorities; that public office, employment and agency membership not be used for personal gain; that Public Officers, Employees and Agency Members observe in their official acts the highest standards of integrity and faithfully discharge their duties regardless of personal consideration; that the public have confidence in its government and the Public Officers, Employees and Agency Members thereof, and that those Public Officers, Employees and Agency Members avoid even the appearance of impropriety as set forth in this chapter. To avoid any appearance of impropriety, the Town Board desires to adopt a zero tolerance on the acceptance of any gift or contribution from a defined class of persons for a period of limited duration. In recognition of these goals and to implement the Town's governmental interests, there is hereby established this chapter, which includes a Code of Ethics for Public Officers, Employees and Agency Members of the Town of Greenburgh (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Town"), and a Board of Ethics to render advisory opinions, reports and recommendations with respect thereto, to investigate alleged violations thereof and to facilitate compliance with the Code of Ethics.
§570-2 Applicability of Other Laws
The rules, regulations, standards, prohibited acts and procedures herein set forth are in addition to any provision of Article 18 of the General Municipal Law or any other general or special law or canon relating to conflicts of interest, ethical conduct and Interest of Public Officers, Employees and Agency Members in Contracts and are also in addition to common law rules and judicial decisions relating thereto and to the rules and regulations of the Police Department to the extent the same are more severe or restrictive in their application than this chapter, except that the previous Code of Ethics adopted by the Town Board is hereby amended. To the extent any other provision of law, rules, regulations or judicial decisions relating to conflicts of interest, ethical conduct and Interest of Public Officers, Employees and Agency Members in Contracts shall be more severe or restrictive in their application, they shall be made known to Public Officers, Employees and Agency Members through training conducted by the Town Attorney's Office and prevail over the provisions of this chapter, but not otherwise.
[Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Greenburgh 7-27-2007 by L.L. No. 8-2007; amended in its entirety 9-12-2012 by L.L. No. 10-2012.]
III.    How to Navigate the Website
The BOE has attempted to be user friendly by organizing information in a relatively simple structure. The best way to acquire relevant and current information follows:
  1. To acquire Meeting Schedule, Agenda, Minute, use the Main Menu:  Select Meeting Schedule - a detailed list will be displayed.
  2. To acquire Annual Reports, Documents, Opinions, Ethics Code & Issues, Training, Violations Complaints & General Municipal Law Article 18, use the Main Menu: Select – Downloadable Forms - all of the above mentioned items are presented.
In essence the Main Menu is the best and most comprehensive way to Navigate the site.
IV.    Special Documents and/or Web Links
  1. Internal Rules and Interpretive Guidelines - Standards for Interpreting Section 570-6  http://www.greenburghny.com/FCpdf/%20BOE%20Internal%20Rules%206%2D26%2D20131%2Epdf
  2. Appendix to Internal Rules and Regulations Standards for Interpreting 570-6
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  1. Greenburgh Access Television Cable Advisory Committee Programming Policies and Procedures (GATV) --    http://www.greenburghny.com/Cit-e-Access/formcenter/index.cfm?TID=10&DID=462
V. Ethics Education and Reference Material
  1. Ethics Training for Appointed Officers – Update Link Here --http://www.greenburghny.com/FCpdf/Ethic%20Training%20for%20Appointed%20Officals%20%20Presentations%20%207%2D31%2D14%2Epptx

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