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Town Board honored a sophomore at Ardsley High and heard the Mayor of Elmsford
Release Date: February 19, 2019

The Greenburgh Town Board honored Isha Brahmbatt at our Town Board meeting last week. She is  an unsung hero of our town. . She is a sophomore at Ardsley High School.  She has helped the homeless and hungry, has worked with the Interfaith Council, participates in the Midnight Runs and has made a major difference in the lives of others.  She is a rising star in Greenburgh and has a great future. Watch the link to the presentation made at our Town Board meeting…


At the Town Board meeting this past Wednesday Elmsford Mayor Robert Williams  also provided the Town Board and community with an update on the progress being made regarding the decades long effort to persuade NYS to build a 9A bypass. NYS has appropriated $2 million –designing the bypass. The link to the discussion is below:


A 9 A bypass would reduce traffic congestion in downtown Elmsford. Would  also increase safety and promote economic development.  The Mayor’s comments can be watched if you click on to the link below.  One of the reasons why NYS is moving forward with the bypass is because the town has collected almost 6 million dollars over the years for this project –thanks to the TIF district. When the bypass is built it will have a very significant and positive impact on the lives of many people who live, work or shop along the 9A corridor in the Elmsford section of town.







I am president of Interfaith Caring Community of Greenburgh (founded in 1983) and I have been participating in Midnight Run since its inception in 1984.  I have worked with some amazing teens over these 35 years filled with compassion for others and who focus their lives on doing kindness for those in need – these are my heroes.  For over ten years my primary partner in kindness has been the Silver Lining Club, a service club at Ardsley High School.  Silver Lining is a group of kind and compassionate teens who are focused on being of service to others.  This year I have had several hospitalizations in a short period – but they stepped up to help.  They are the wind beneath my wings.  I lead a monthly Midnight Run and Isha is one of my heroes and is usually there whenever needed.  In fact, her hand is raised first (so to speak).  She has even recruited her dad and uncle and other family members who volunteer regularly.  This will likely lead to organizing more runs on Sundays.  We get to NYC at about 10PM on Saturday night and leave at about 12:30-1am.  We bring food clothing and more important respect and friendship.  Isha offers a positive energy which is so powerful that it breaks down all barriers.  We have been together on some bitterly cold and rainy nights.  She relates equally well to our volunteers of all ages and our street friends.  I attribute this to her obvious respect and compassion for others.  This means so much to homeless people. Isha helped to organize volunteers for several shelter barbecues Interfaith holds in the Summer, including the Sanctuary and the Sally & Anthony Mann Center. --- these are wonderful events!   She also helped organize volunteers for an annual Halloween party for the Coachman Family Shelter and the Sally & Anthony Mann Center held at my home.  Silver Lining has organized a food collection at DeCicco's market in Ardsley run by Interfaith to benefit Hudson Valley Community Services.  Isha often cooks with Interfaith at Ardsley United Community Church for Yonkers Sharing Community, a monthly project.  Isha and Silver Lining take charge and make things happen.  She helps organize every project – she lines up the volunteers, makes arrangements with venues and (so very important) she is responsive and proactive.  We have a small group called Partners in Kindness dedicated to developing kindness in ourselves and others - she is a member.  Isha alone organized and promoted a collection of winter clothing for homeless people in our town held at City Hall – it was an amazing success.  The men’s clothing went to Midnight Run and the rest (an enormous quantity which filled my garage) went to the Sally and Anthony Mann Center! Now her dad and two uncles have become volunteers.  She has also interested a family foundation in Midnight run –they came and saw and made a generous donation.

In their spare time Silver Lining has done the following:

•             MS Bike Tour: The Silver Lining members volunteered to help run a bike tour for the National MS Society.

•             Relay for Life: Many Silver Lining members had volunteered to participate in Relay for Life, which is run by the American Cancer Society, in which they gathered a team to relay all night. One person from the team walks around the track, and then another person walks around the track, and so on. This event can last 6 - 24 hours, signifying that cancer never sleeps.

•             Deja Brew: The Deja Brew is a bake sale at Ardsley High School where they sell coffee and other breakfast goods for students early in the morning. The money raised goes to the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) society and to buy gifts for the Pleasantville Cottage Campus Youth.

•             Barnes & Noble Holiday Gift Wrapping: In this event, students volunteer to wrap gifts at Barnes & Nobles for the holiday season and generous donations are for a MS society.

•             Candy grams: At the high school, they sell candy canes with a small piece of paper attached in which people can purchase and write a small letter to their friends. The profits go to MS society.

•             Ardsley Cares Day activities: Ardsley Cares Day is a day in which people from Ardsley and other towns gather to participate in events such as Clean Up Ardsley, or sorting food to send to shelters, and also donating their own goods.


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