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Release Date: April 02, 2019

It’s leaf blower season. And, some residents are starting to contact me about the noise. The village of Scarsdale enacted a law years ago banning gas powered leaf blowers (but allowing other leaf blowers).  Would you like to see Greenburgh follow the lead of Scarsdale?  If neighboring communities had similar laws perhaps there would be greater compliance. There are alternatives to gas powered leaf blowers: corded electric and battery powered blowers.

What do you think?  This is a response to a letter I sent to the Village of Scarsdale last month.  Please e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com.  I will cut and paste and forward to the Town Board. And will ask that this be discussed.

If you don’t support a ban – should the town limit gas powered leaf blowers only to certain limited times? Example: a few hours a day, no weekends?  What do you think.  Compromise suggestions are appreciated. 


Thanks for your input!





February 26, 2019


Paul J. Feiner Town Supervisor

Town of Greenburgh 177 Hillside Ave

Greenburgh, NY 10607 Dear Supervisor Feiner,

Below is the Village of Scarsdale’s responses to your leaf blower letter dated March 20, 2017. Q: How has it worked in Scarsdale & Can you the current law?

A: Pursuant to Section 205-2 of the Scarsdale Village Code, Scarsdale bans the use of gasoline­ powered leaf blowers from June 1 to September 30 of each year. The local law provides for fines from O to $250 or up to 15 days imprisonment. In practice the Village Justice has levied fines to  first time offenders in the $75 range with higher fines for repeat offenders. The local law was adopted in 1985 and was last amended in 2003.  You can find it enclosed  with this    correspondence.

Q: How many summons have been issued & are landscapers in compliance? A:2011=64

2012 = 58

2013 = 63

2014 = 83

2015 = 59

2016 = 55

2017= 83

2018= 74


Some landscapers are in compliance, but based on the above information, it's clear that most continue to use gasoline powered blowers. In some cases it could he a new business that is unaware of the code, but for the most part the landscapers consider tickets received as part of "the cost of doing business".


Q: Has the ban resulted in an increase in landscaping rates?


A: The Village does not have the means to determine this information, however landscaping services are a competitive market-driven business, so vendors need to remain competitive with





1001 POST  ROAD,  SCARSDALE,   NY 10583

SCARSDALE.COM (914) 722-1100


pricing in order to attract and maintain customers. New battery powered blowers are becoming more effective and are more environmentally friendly.


I would recommend that you reach out to the NYS Turf and Landscape Association for their input. The best person to contact is their Administrator, Kim Judge, 1 Prospect Avenue, White Plains, NY 10607 (914)-993-9455.


Q: Would you recommend that Greenburgh adopt a similar law?


A: Enacting a leaf blower law requires much public outreach, education and a commitment to enforcement in order to be successful. The law has helped to keep the Village of Scarsdale quieter during the summer months and there are residents that look forward to it every year. Of course others argue that the lack of enforcement has resulted in limited noise control benefits.


I hope this letter answers your inquiry. Should you have any further questions, please feel free call me at (914)-722-1109.





Josh Ringel

Assistant to the Village Manager


CC:         Dan Hochvert, Mayor

Stephen M. Pappalardo, Village Manager

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